Performance Orthotic’s state of the art technology and unique blend of materials provides patients the best orthotic device on the market today, while allowing patients the versatility of wearing their orthotics in a wide variety of shoes. Taking into consideration the needs of the patient i.e presenting diagnosis, symptoms, activity levels, weight, age, and daily styles of shoes, will determine the style of orthotic the patient is prescribed.

Performance Orthotic’s technology focuses on a dynamic computerized weight bearing pressure/time analysis. From this information, an orthotic is then custom designed in our lab in Ajax, Ontario Canada to correct the patient’s abnormal foot function. 

The orthotics are made from a proprietary blend of materials such as graphite, fibreglass, polyethelene and polypropolene. Using these materials allows us to make the orthotic thin enough to go into several shoes while maintaining its strength and durability.

One of the most gratifying aspects that our trained and Certified Performance Clinicians see is so many patients who suffer from a wide variety of orthopedic complaints, such as knee and hip pain, recover completely after having the faulty biomechanics of their feet corrected.

About 70 percent of all common foot pain, including osteoarthritis, is caused by abnormal biomechanical forces. And, just as faulty wheel alignment in a car can result in tire wear and tear, the abnormal forces due to misalignment affecting your lower limbs can cause early wear and tear in the joints of the feet. Foot problems can create havoc and pain in the entire body.

However, with proper mechanical adjustments, like wearing custom orthotics further wear and tear can be prevented, and pain can be drastically reduced, or even eliminated altogether in many cases.

Our Technology


Performance Orthotics technology focuses on dynamic computerized weight bearing pressure/time mapping. The acquisition and analysis of objective data relating to abnormal foot pressures and pathological gait episodes that occur when the patient is weight bearing, can be detected only by such sensor technology.

The computerized mapping data can substantiate the abnormality of body weight distribution, which creates painful ambulation. It is the key for developing a treatment plan for multiple foot conditions, i.e. plantar fasciitis, unstable MPJ, shin splints, achilles tendonitis, chondromalacia patella, etc. It is a necessary aid in determining if orthotics are a necessary adjunct to our care.

Every patient is scanned on our computerized pressure mapping system, which maps both static and dynamic weight-bearing foot function.

The system analyzes the unique way in which each individual distributes their body weight, while either walking or standing and this distribution affects their entire body. The procedure is simple, non-invasive and clean.